Today’s Takeout: Bánh Mì from The Banh Mi Shop

BY The Banh Mi Shop // Dec, 08 2020

By: Casey Carlson (Full article here)

The bánh mì is a great example of the ideal sandwich. Crunchy French bread filled with tender meat and fresh vegetables and herbs makes for a balanced bite and a delicious meal, whether you want to grab something for lunch or dinner. And if you’re gonna grab a bánh mì in St. Louis, you should look to the experts and pick one up from The Banh Mi Shop.

Besides their execution of the sandwiches, what makes The Banh Mi Shop stand out is the proteins on offer. You can go with a classic Vietnamese preparation of the sandwich, which includes pork roll, pâté, ham and headcheese, but chef-owner Jimmy Trinh also offers a variety of modern takes. Try the char siu pork belly, curry chicken simmered with coconut milk or the lemongrass tofu for a vegetarian option that doesn’t sacrifice any flavor.

Looking for a little something on the side? Fans of spring rolls will be delighted by the thick rice paper rolls that The Banh Mi Shop offers. Try them stuffed with shrimp, lemongrass tofu or grilled beef for an extra dollar.

The Banh Mi Shop is offering its menu for carryout and curbside pickup.

The Banh Mi Shop, 567 Melville Ave., Delmar Loop, University City, Missouri,


The Banh Mi Shop brings the feel and authenticity of Saigon's classic dishes.

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